Lectures by James Martin

For 30 years Martin has been known as one of the great lecturers of the world.

Today he gives lectures on different aspects of the 21st century - its massive problems and potentially magnificent future.

Typical comments on Martin's lectures

Martin presents a provocative vision of breathless change descending on future corporations. Managers are left to contemplate the long, thoughtful and expensive road from the present to the future.

Jay W. Forrester, Professor of Management, MIT

An absolute must in our fast-moving and problem-riddled trade...!


Martin is the High Priest of Cyberspace. The most complete and effective linking of future IT to future business that I have experienced.

London Seminar

His vision is both clear and challenging; his advice is thought-provoking and practical.

Peter Lilley, Chairman, The Publicity Club of London

Thank God we brought our Deputy CEO along with us; at least he has heard about the "future" direction first-hand.


No one, as I can remember, has ever combined so many essential principles into two days and inspired me for the rest of the year.

Frankfurt Seminar

His Change or Die philosophy makes him the Alvin Toffler of business gurus.

Richard Halstead, BusinessAge, November 1995

This should be a compulsory seminar not only for all IT executives but also for all Senior Management who wish their companies to succeed into the 21st Century.

London Seminar

Martin is the pundit's pundit, and if he thinks something is worth taking seriously, thousands will go and study it.

PC Magazine, January 1997

Too bad this course isn't mandatory for every I.S. executive in the country!

Los Angeles

Best presenter I have heard in 39 years in this business.

San Francisco

The most comprehensive, vendor-independent seminar I have ever attended.


He is a man of true vision. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT.